Let’s take our bicycle on trains!

Straight to the cycling course!
Train trip with your bicycle.

富山駅が追加 富山駅でもサイクルトレインの乗車が始まりました。
富山駅が追加 富山駅でも乗車が始まりました。


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About Ainokaze Bicycle on Trains

We will operate a cycle train service that allows you to enjoy the Toyama Bay Cycling Route,
which offers beautiful views of Toyama Bay, a member of the World’s Most Beautiful Bay Club, and the Tateyama Mountain Range.


Do not dismantle your bicycle,
just get on the train!

All you need to do is ride along with your bicycle and secure it to the bike rack.
Enjoy traveling with your bicycle.


Secure your bicycle
to the bike rack!

The cycle train is equipped with a bike rack to secure your bicycle.
Your bicycle will be delivered to your destination safely and securely.


A nice way to travel by bicycle,
directly to the cycling trails!

You can take the train right up to the Toyama Bay Cycling Route, so you can travel by bicycle comfortably.

Model Course

A popular cycling course to enjoy
the beautiful scenery of Toyama Bay
and the Tateyama Mountain Range.
Rest facilities and sightseeing spots
are also available along the route.