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Model Course


Standard Course to StationsNyuzen Station → Namerikawa Station (Approx. 30km) → Higashi-Toyama Station (Approx. 46 km)

Approx.30km~46 km

This course takes you back to the boarding station via the Toyama Bay Cycling Route.
This is a recommended route for passengers who have accessed the boarding station by private car.


Hisui Coast CourseNyuzen Station → Hisui Terrace (return) → Higashi Toyama Station


If you are looking for an active and fun ride along the coastline, this is the right choice.
The Hisui coast is a great place to go on a treasure hunt for jade. If you get thirsty, you can go off the route and take a break at a water spring in Kurobe. Do not forget to bring your own water bottle.


Kaiwomaru CourseKurobe Station→Kaiwomaru Park


This course takes you to Kaiwomaru Park via the Ainokaze Promenade (Shin-Minato Bridge). This is a cycling route through the remains of the Toyama District Railway Imizu Line, which once connected Toyama City and Shin-Minato City in Toyama Prefecture.
※The Shin-Minato Bridge is a car-only road. Please use the Ainokaze Promenade for bicycles.

Special services available upon presentation of the ticket

By presenting your cycle train ticket, you will be able to receive special services at various cooperating facilities and stores around the course.
For more details, please see the PDF file below.

※The ticket is valid only for the day you ride the cycle train.

※Please check the hours of operation and regular holidays before use.

※For more information about this service, please contact each facility or store.

Toyama Bay Cycling Route

This route will take you across Toyama Prefecture, along the coast, taking in the beautiful scenery of Toyama Bay, a member of the “World’s Most Beautiful Bay Club,” and the Tateyama Mountain Range.

Rest facilities along the Toyama Bay model course

Bicycle Stations

Public facilities, such as roadside stations along the route, offer various services for bike rentals and cyclists.

designated cycling cafe list

Various services for cyclists are offered at coffee shops and restaurants along the route.

Look for this sign!

Sightseeing Spot

Here are some recommended spots along the cycling road. Please use them as a reference for sightseeing.

Hisui Coast

Asahi Town

This is one of the rare beaches in the world where jade rises from the sea. You can enjoy jade hunting safely. Why don’t you test your own aesthetic sense?

Japanese Cedars in Sugisawa

Nyuzen Machi

It has been designated as a national natural monument, and the only cedar forest growing in a flatland spring area, which is rare in Japan. Please also enjoy the Sawasugi Nature Museum, located nearby.

Fresh water and public washing area

Kurobe City

The public washing area, using spring water, is divided into four main tanks, which are used for drinking, refrigeration, cooking, and laundry, in that order from the top. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself when cycling.

Mirage Road

Uozu City

Mirage Road, which runs along the coastline of Uozu City, is a great cycling spot. In early spring, you may be able to see mirages. Take your time and enjoy the ride, paying attention to the road ahead.

Uozu Buried Forest Museum

Uozu City

This museum preserves the roots of a 500-year-old cedar tree that was buried about 2000 years ago. The cafe “KININAL” attached to the museum is also a great place to take a rest.

Hotaruika Museum (Firefly Squid Museum)

Namerikawa City

This is a facility where you can enjoy learning about the firefly squid, which is said to be the mystery of Toyama Bay. The adjacent footbath offers a panoramic view of Toyama Bay.

The Iwase district

Toyama City

Iwase Town flourished as a port of call for Kitamae ships, and the atmosphere of the town is like going back in time to the Edo period. Strolling the streets while pushing your bike is also a treat.

Shinminato Bridge

Imizu City

The Shin-Minato Bridge, which spans the Toyama New Port, is a cable-stayed bridge with a two-layered structure consisting of an automobile-only road and the Ainokaze Promenade. Please use the lower level of the Ainokaze Promenade for bicycle traffic.

Kaiwomaru Park

Imizu City

This is a park where the Kaiwomaru, a large training sailing ship, is displayed. It is known as the “Lady of the Sea,” and visitors can take a tour of the ship (for a fee).